Alcoholic Drinks

Mega-Tech is an international wholesaler and distributor of liquors, spirits, wines and beers. We carry a large assortment from all the major brands.


Remy Martin VSOP

Remy Martin XO

Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl

Hennessy XO, VSOP, Paradis, Richard and Black

Camus XO, VSOP and Borderies

Martell XO

Martell L'OR de Jean

 Courvoisier XO, VSOP and VS

Meukow XO, VSOP and VS

Louis Royer VSOP


Chivas 25 Years Old

Ballantine’s Blended Whisky

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve

Glenfiddich 40 Years Old

Macallan 25 Years Old

Yamazaki 18, 25 Years and Hakushu 18 Years

Macallan Lalique 65 Years

Macallen Reflexion

Balvenie 50 Years Old

Hibiki 30 Years Old

Singleton 38 Years Old

Jack Daniels


Jagermeister, Dom Perignon, Moet and Krug champagne, Jacob Creek, Mouton Cadet, Penfold and Wolf Blass wines, Heineken, Carlsberg, Corona and ABC Stout beer, Moutai and more…

Dom Perignon



Chivas 18, 21 and 25 Years

Yamazaki, Hibiki and Nikka



Moutai, Wu Liang Ye and Chinese liquors

Sweet liquors


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